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Title: Say a Prayer and Close Your Eyes
Author: [ profile] annie46
Pairing(s)/Character(s):Jared/Jensen – many others
Summary: ER Doctor Jensen Ackles thinks he is having a quiet night – until he meets Jared – a young man who has obviously suffered abuse and pain. Can Jensen help him?
Warnings Descriptions of violence and abuse; minor character death; mentally challenged Jared
Disclaimers:I don’t own Jared or Jensen or anyone else in this story, they own themselves and none of this is true or meant to hurt.

Jensen woke with a start; sunlight was flooding through a gap in his curtains and he winced, rolling over only to find that the space in the bed next to him was empty.

He wasn’t ashamed to admit he panicked. He leapt out of bed and pulled back the curtain so that he could peer out. The path that lead from their room to the motel restaurant was busy but, after a cursory glance, he realised that there was no sign of Jared and his heart began to beat that little bit faster as he wondered where the hell the younger man could have gone.

Jensen dressed quickly and didn’t even bother to brush his hair; he walked out into the cloying heat and felt the sweat prickle on his brow. Despite the early hour, it was already pretty warm and people were wearing board shorts and tiny swimsuits even to go for breakfast. Jensen suddenly realised how cool it would be in the pool and an idea formed in his head.

He walked down to the massive, tree-lined swimming area; the slides were already on and there were a few people sitting around the blue water eating snacks. He noticed three women staring and whispering to each other behind their hands and he realised, with some amusement, that he had found who he had been looking for.

Jared stood by the pool, unconscious of the glances he was getting. Jensen couldn’t breathe for a moment, amazed at how good Jared looked, how much he had changed since Jensen had first met him. Jared was no longer a skinny and scared young man but a confident individual. At home in his skin now, unashamed and no longer worried.

Jensen took a moment to admire that long, tanned body. The soft waves of chestnut hair that flowed over Jared’s ever broadening shoulders. He could see the thickness of Jared’s thighs, the tautness of his abdominal muscles, the curve of his bicep and the slight bulge in the trunks that he wore. Jensen swallowed and licked his dry lips. It probably wasn’t best practise to be seen ogling your boyfriend in broad daylight and it certainly wasn’t doing anything for Jensen’s own libido. He was still staring when Jared looked up and speckled hazel eyes fixated on him, sparkling with mischief as he grinned, turned and did a perfect dive into the water leaving Jensen speechless and amazed…

Jensen could barely contain his excitement as he watched Jared swim, careful, almost elegant strokes, long legs and arms cutting through the water, fantastic to watch. He could see the girls from earlier watching too and he grinned, seeing the interest in their eyes. Jared swam for a bit and then surfaced, head poking up through the water, hair dripping into his eyes.

“Can we swim with dolphins now?” The innocent way in which Jared asked him made Jensen realise, not for the first time, that their relationship would never be ‘normal’. Whatever improvements Jared made he would always be childlike and naïve. Perhaps always struggle with some things. Jared had made progress and the person who was responsible for hurting him was now out of his life but the damage caused by that hurt, by the abuse that Jared had suffered would always have long reaching consequences and Jared would probably always need outside help. Jensen loved Jared; adored him, couldn’t imagine life without him but he was a realist and he knew that he would always need support. He wanted to go back to his job, hell he loved his job but he was scared of leaving Jared alone. He didn’t want Jared in an institution or in a place where he would be lonely and scared but he did need to get back to his ‘normal’ life and he wasn’t sure how he could do it without hurting or upsetting Jared.

Now though, he had other things in mind and he grinned down at Jared, hand reaching in so that he could haul the younger man onto the side of the pool, both of them floundering there, laughing and breathless.
“Yeah,” he replied, “we can swim with dolphins now.”
Discovery Cove was a wonderful place; only a thousand people were allowed in in one day and it was like paradise. Eight people were in their group and Jensen had to – virtually – hold Jared back when he saw the dolphin and he was having trouble containing his own excitement. The two of them stroked, kissed and swan with the dolphin, buying every single photo they could so that they had a reminder when they got home, something to treasure and put away when real life came calling.

Jensen was also aware that swimming wasn’t the only thing that had been promised and he was more nervous about this particular treat then he had been in a while. They had done things together and it had been wonderful, erotic and much better than Jensen had expected but this, this would be the final step and he didn’t want to hurt or upset Jared, do anything that might scare him or push him away…
They got back from Discovery Cove tired and damp; hair smelling of chlorine and salt, Jared weighed down with bags of souvenirs, gifts he had insisted on buying for Jeff and for Chris.

“You need a shower,” Jensen said, gently, as he took the bags from Jared and steered him towards the motel bathroom. Jared grinned for a moment and flicked his wet hair from his eyes.

“Come with me.”

There was silence for a moment as Jensen processed the request. He wasn’t foolish enough not to know what it meant, what Jared meant. He bit his lip and leant forward, putting his hands on Jared’s broad shoulders.

“Are you sure?”

“I learned to swim didn’t I?” Jared’s voice wavered, “I loved the dolphins but I love you more and I want you Jensen.”

Jared sounded so eager, so sincere that Jensen had to lean forward and kiss him. Jared tasted of salt, chlorine and something that was simply Jared. Jensen licked across Jared’s lower lip and Jared opened up eagerly, sucking Jensen’s tongue into his mouth. Jensen could feel how hard Jared was and he couldn’t help himself, his hand trailing downwards so that he could rub across the zipper of Jared’s jeans. Jared groaned then and leant back so that Jensen could lift the shirt over his head and pull his belt undone, hooking his fingers in the loops and pulling Jared’s jeans and boxers down so that the younger man could step out of them.

The shower was forgotten; Jared naked in front of him, cock curving up against his flat belly. Jensen swallowed hard, throat tight and Jared stared at him with liquid eyes.

“Take your clothes off,” Jared whispered finally, “please.”

Jensen stripped out of his clothes with an eagerness he had no idea that he possessed. He was soon as naked as Jared and the two men stood facing each other, Jensen finally breaking the deadlock by leaning forward again and kissing Jared hard and fast as if his life depended on it.

He wasn’t strong enough to carry Jared over to the bed but gentle urging got him there. Jared lay down without protest, drawing Jensen down on top of him, rubbing his naked cock against Jensen’s abdomen, urgent and desperate, his hands everywhere. Jensen shushed and gentled him. He got lube out of the bedside drawer and began to prep Jared slowly, carefully. Jared was writhing, moaning, almost out of control and Jensen relaxed, his own cock hard and wanting. He lifted Jared’s legs and pulled them gently over his shoulders and then he entered Jared with such reverence, as if Jared’s body was a temple, something precious and wonderful. Jensen was his first; his only and Jared was almost sobbing with need; his cock leaking steadily and warm fluid exploding from it as Jared came, came without Jensen even touching him. Jared came endlessly and wordlessly, his teeth buried in Jensen’s throat, the tightness around Jensen’s cock too much for him to tolerate and he let go himself, the two of them holding on to each other as if they would never, ever let go…

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