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Title: Thirty Year Old Virgin?
Author: [ profile] annie46
Summary: Jared's just out of the closet and still a virgin. To Chad, this is unacceptable so he hires Jensen who is the best there is at what he does to take care of this.

From dephigravity’s post for The bottom! Jared Fanworks Fest! – prompt exactly as the summary!
“You done in the shower yet?” Chad sighed dramatically as he leant against the bathroom door. “Come on princess we have to be there at 8pm.”.

He heard the water shut off and he managed to move away from the door before it opened and Jared appeared wrapped up in a big fluffy towel, face flushed hair damp and dripping around his face and neck.

“Have you been beating off in there dude?” Chad made a crude gesture with his hand and Jared’s face grew redder.

“No,” he moved over to the closet and took out a clean pair of jeans and a loose white tee shirt. “I’m sure Misha won’t mind if we are late – his parties go on forever or so I’m told.”

“They are great parties; booze, food and hot girls,” Chad grinned, “not that you are interested in the latter but I’m sure there’ll be some hot guys there too.”

Jared lifted the tee shirt over his head, thankful that Chad couldn’t see his blushes. He may be interested in guys – hot or otherwise – but at nearly thirty, he was fresh out of the closet and not very at ease with himself or his sexuality. He knew that if Chad was aware he was a virgin and that the only fingers he had had up his ass were his own then there would be plenty of ammunition for Chad to do what Chad did and totally interfere.

“Yeah – I guess there will be,” Jared finished drying his hair and splashed some cologne on his face. He felt such a failure being a virgin at his age but it had been hard enough before he came out and now now it was nearly impossible.
He had experimented with girls in high school and in his early days at college. There had been uncomfortable fumbling and a lot of awkward touching. Jared hadn’t gotten much out of it, frequently unable to maintain much of an erection and all too often running away flushed with embarrassment and wanting to hide away forever.

He had found himself getting hard when he looked at men and it wasn’t a very big step from there to realising he was, most likely, gay. It had taken him nearly two years to come out to his family and even longer to come out to his friends. Everyone had been, surprisingly, understanding and he had hoped that now he was out and proud so to speak he would be able to get on with his life and, hopefully, get laid. Unfortunately, he was still shy and awkward around men that he even half fancied and it was repeatedly hard to tell if they were actually gay or straight. Many nights he had chatted happily to a potential date only to find they already had a partner and, mortifyingly, that partner was a woman. Parties like the one he was going to tonight only served to make things worse and he wondered how he could be so chatty and happy with men he knew and so totally useless with those he might date.

Now he sat on Misha’s sofa watching Chad make out with another of his blonde cheerleader types and wondering where he had gone wrong. He was getting slowly drunk, alone and pathetic and he felt lower than a snake’s hips as he sank down into the soft leather and wished that he could just disappear.

Much later Chad finds him and they get a cab home; Chad looks smug, there are marks on his neck and he stinks of sex. Jared slumps against the seat and stares out of the window at the flickering lights. His eyes are sore and his head hurts.

“No luck tonight?” Chad asks, casually and Jared shakes his head. He often tells a few white lies to Chad, tells him what a good night he has had, how he found a great stud to fuck him, how they had oral and did other dirty things to each other. He got most of his information from watching porn or reading dirty magazines but Chad doesn’t know that, doesn’t really know (or want to know) what gay men do so it is easy to fool him even though it does make Jared feel incredibly guilty.

“Nah – nobody took my fancy,” his voice is slurred even to his own ears and he feels distant, hot and bothered. He is so horny it hurts and he is sick and tired of jacking himself off, wants to feel someone else’s hand on his cock, another mouth on his own. Chad is looking at him with narrowed eyes and he turns away again determined not to let Chad see, not to let Chad guess.

Chad has to put him to bed and he goes like a child, head spinning with the amount of beer and jack he has consumed. Chad is talking to him but it just sounds like humming, an annoying buzz in his ears. He feels Chad’s fingers on his buttons and protests weakly, fumbling with his own jeans, his own boxers. Chad shakes his head.

“Big boy like you should be getting more than you are,” he muses and Jared’s drunken mouth reacts, no filter, no way of stopping the words once they are out.

“That wouldn’t be hard,” he slurs and Chad stares down at him, frowning.

“Thought you got enough,” he tries as he wrestles Jared into bed.

“Wishful thinkin’,” he mumbles and he knows, just knows, by Chad’s expression that he has said too much.

“That is unacceptable,” Chad shakes his head, “what the fuck? You want to be a thirty-year-old virgin? Don’t think so – we will have to do something about it Jared – you know that right?”
Jared opens his mouth but nothing comes; drunken sleep is pulling him down but all he can hear is Chad’s voice over and over in his ears,

“Unacceptable, unacceptable, unacceptable…”
“It’s your birthday on Saturday,” Chad looks up from his toast and there is something in his blue eyes that makes Jared feel very, very uneasy. “And I already have your present.”

Jared swallows; his mouth is as dry as dust and there is a throbbing in the right of his temple.

“Is it that CD I wanted,” he means it to come across as witty but instead it just comes across as scared, “or maybe a new sweater.”

“No – something far better,” Chad grins and Jared can almost read his mind.

“No!” he says in a panic, “whatever you have planned stop it now.”

“Jensen comes highly recommended,” Chad smirks, “we have clubbed together.”

“We?” Jared feels ever so slightly sick.

“Misha, Tom, Mike, Jeff and me.” Chad beams and wipes toast crumbs off his stubble, “you are not gonna be the thirty year old virgin.”

“Jensen is a – male…” Jared can’t even begin to think of the word but Chad just carries on smirking, expression determined.

“He prefers the title escort,” Chad nods as if he is having a conversation in his head, “and – boy – if he looks anything like his photograph – you are in for a great night.”

“Chad…” he knows protesting is useless and he knows that he is talking to himself really; Chad isn’t actually listening, not anymore.

“You are meeting him at Sam’s bar at 8pm for dinner and then,” Chad puts his plate down with a flourish and Jared’s stomach flips, “the world is your oyster…”
So Sam’s Bar is a well-known gay bar so Jared shouldn’t feel so self-conscious but he can’t help but hang back knowing, deep within, that a 6ft 5 inch guy can’t really hide.

He finds a booth and squashes himself back into it; this wasn’t how he expected to be spending his 30th birthday. He was thinking maybe a big party with his family, balloons and cake and a stripper to make him blush but instead he is in a gay bar waiting for his present, a present that appears to be some magnificent escort who will solve all of his problems.


He looks up to see a man standing over him; he is a little smaller than Jared is but much broader with soft red/blonde hair and matching stubble. He wore a leather jacket and distressed jeans and he was fucking gorgeous. Green eyes looked him up and down and a sensuous mouth curved into a wide smile. Jared swallowed and looked at the man’s lapel – yep –-red rose (and how cliché was Chad?)

“Jensen…” his mouth was so dry he could barely get out the words and he managed to raise a shaking hand so that he could shake Jensen’s outstretched one. “Um- good to meet you.”

“Likewise,” Jensen shuffled into the booth opposite him and looked him up and down again, his expression telling Jared he liked what he saw, “you are not what I expected.”

“No?” Jared wanted to ask Jensen what he had expected but his mouth was too dry, sweat standing out on his neck and dripping into the open vee of his shirt. He always sweated when he was nervous and he wiped at it ineffectually.

“No,” Jensen smiled again and clicked his fingers. A waiter appeared almost instantly, grinning.

“The usual Mr Ackles?”

“Yeah,” Jensen nodded and winked, “the usual – want to show Jared here a real good time.”

“I’m sure you will,” the waiter beamed at Jared and Jared flushed so deep he thought he must look puce rather than pink, “I’m sure you will…”
“So,” Jensen poured out a drink for Jared, “Happy birthday!”

Jared flushed and drank down the strange looking concoction. It tasted of lime and coconut and was delicious.


“I bought you a present,” Jensen reached into his pocket and drew out a carefully wrapped parcel, “but don’t unwrap it now ok – it is for later.”

Jared flushed again and took the gift feeling shy and more than a little foolish.

“You didn’t have to,” he mumbled, “but thanks.”

“All part of the service,” Jensen drank his own drink and poured Jared another, “do you dance?” He gestured to the centre of the bar where there was a tiny dance floor. It was already pretty crowded and Jared shook his head.

“Not at all,” he licked his lips, “I’m a bit of a klutz.”

“I’m sure you aren’t,” Jensen was as smooth as silk. He bent across the table and put his broad hand over Jared’s, “you just need to chill out more.”

“That is what Chad always says,” Jared sipped at his drink and stared at Jensen. The man was beautiful and Jared felt almost overwhelmed by him. He rubbed at his face again, “and I do try but…” he lowered his gaze, “I’m just not too good in social situations.”

“Come on then,” Jensen got to his feet and pulled at Jared’s hand, “I’ve booked a room at Laurens – I hope you like it.”

Jared took in a sharp intake of breath wondering how much this evening was actually costing. Lauren’s was a five star hotel with private rooms and a le carte restaurant not the sort of place he usually frequented.

“A room at Lauren’s” He tried to keep the awe out of his voice, “you…”

“Listen,” Jensen’s voice was kind, his expression almost fond, “I get a good discount there considering how often I use it. We both know what is going to happen this evening Jared and, let me tell you, I am the best there is, the very best and you – you are going to have the birthday of your life.”

Jared felt his cock grow half-hard in his pants and he swallowed, his heart thundering, excitement coursing through him in a way he hadn’t felt for a long, long time.

“Jared,” Jensen pulled his hand again, “we have all night so let’s go, the sooner we start the nicer this evening is going to get.”

And Jared found that it was hard to walk very fast when you have an erection…
The room at Laurens was more like a suite; there was a huge double bed, a hot tub and, on the polished table, a bottle of champagne chilling on ice. Jared had never been anywhere like this in his entire life and he stared at the room with wide eyes.

“This is just…”

“Why don’t you take off your clothes,” Jensen was up behind him in a moment, hands on his shoulders, undoing his shirt buttons, “I want to see you.”

Jared gulped his breath coming hard and fast as he let Jensen undo his buttons and pull his shirt from his shoulders.

“Wow,” Jensen ran a finger down his abs, tweaking absently at the brown nipple, “you work out.”

“Sometimes,” Jared was trying not to sound as terrified as he felt and he fumbled with his belt buckle, pulling his pants and boxers down and stepping out of them almost falling over in the process, “I should have taken off my boots,” he stuttered, “I’m really not very good at this.”

“Jared,” Jensen went to his knees in one elegant move, hands on Jared’s hips, “you are lovely, innocent and charming and you need this.” He gently undid the laces on Jared’s boots and pulled them off one by one and then, tossing them to the side, he moved closer to Jared, his mouth hovering dangerously over his naked cock.

“Jensen…” it was a near squeak, his cock filling up and getting, impossibly, harder. He had never really experienced anything like this before, never imagined it could happen to him, certainly never imagined a beautiful man on his knees in front of him, luscious lips closing around his erection, creative tongue licking at the tip, “Oh God…” Jared’s hands moved of their own accord and grabbed Jensen’s head not sure, if he was going to push him away or move him closer. Jensen was making little moans, his broad fingers reaching around and stroking behind Jared’s balls, rubbing up and down his crack, the whole experience making him shudder, turned on more than he could have ever imagined, his whole body swaying, almost unable to stay upright.

“Hey,” Jensen pulled off and Jared couldn’t hold back the groan of frustration, “we should take this to the bed don’t you think?”

“Yeah…” Jared hadn’t words, he could only mindlessly move backwards until his knees hit the side of the bed and he fell back bouncing once, soft silk against his back, "oh fuck," he moaned as Jensen followed him, mouth latching onto his cock again, sucking and licking as if Jared was the tastiest Popsicle in the world.

He hadn’t ever, in his wildest imagination, thought it could be like this. He forgot that Jensen had been paid to be here, forgot that all of his friends knew what he was doing, forgot everything but the ache in his cock, the throbbing of his groin and the tightness of his balls as they drew up to his body, tight and hard and wanting.

“I’m gonna…” he warned and Jensen just moaned louder, his fingers playing lightly against Jared’s hole, “oh fuck, fuck,” Jared cried and then he was coming, hard and wet, copious amounts spilling into Jensen’s mouth, down his chin and onto the pristine sheets.

He was still panting and his head was spinning. Jensen crawled up his body, still dressed, still smiling, kissing his mouth and letting him taste himself, the whole experience incredibly erotic.

“You want to open your gift now?” Jensen was slowly stripping off his own clothing and Jared couldn’t help but stare at him, stare at his pale freckled shoulders, broad chest and slightly rounded stomach. His cock hung hard between thighs, big and firm, pale and silky like his skin. Jared wanted to reach out and touch and Jensen must have been a mind reader because he leaned in and let Jared run his fingers through the coarse red hair at his groin and rub across that wonderful cock. “Jared…” Jensen repeated, “You are so beautiful.”

Jared wanted to tell Jensen that he had gotten it all mixed up but he had no words. Even as he lay there, come still cooling on his stomach, he could feel his cock hardening again, feel it standing to attention and he wanted it, wanted to lose his virginity, needed to.

“Open your gift,” Jensen pulled his fingers away gently and handed him the parcel again. Jared tore at the paper excitedly and almost fainted when he saw what was underneath.

Handcuffs, ankle cuffs in soft red fur and a blindfold with a gag. Jensen raised his eyebrows.

“You don’t have to,” he said, softly, “but it might enhance your pleasure.”

Jared nodded, wordlessly. He was shy – yeah – but he wasn’t too vanilla. He had always wanted to try something like this but never thought he would. Jensen beamed and bit his ear gently as he began to fasten the cuffs.

Jared was laid out, a virgin sacrifice and he had never been so turned on in his life. Jensen’s hands were all over him, fingers pinching his nipples, tongue licking at his sac. Warm lube on his fingers he prepped Jared who was blind and dumb but didn’t feel threatened, just hot and eager and desperately wanting, his body lifting up from the bed so that Jensen could get better access, his head tossing from side to side as one finger became two, three, four.

Then Jared felt the gag removed and replaced by Jensen’s mouth; they kissed passionately, urgently, tongues tangling as Jensen finally, finally pressed inside. It hurt for a moment, the pain making him wince but Jensen kept kissing, kept stroking and, soon, he was fully hard again and he was writhing, crying out and coming hard, his virginity gone in an instant, well worth the wait.

Afterwards Jensen cleaned him up: ran a cool cloth over his body, wrapped him up in silk sheets and strong arms. Jared was sleepy but happy and his only regret is that he wouldn’t ever see Jensen again and he wanted to, God how he wanted to. Trouble was he would never be able to afford him and – and that it seemed was that…

“When you met me,” he had to know something before he fell into sleep, had to know something before he lost Jensen forever, “you said I wasn’t what you expected – why?”

“Chad told me you were a virgin and I expected,” Jensen pulled him closer chuckling, “well a geek not some sort of Greek god – you are fucking gorgeous Jared and men around you must have been blind not to think so.”

“Thanks,” he flushed again, “guess you weren’t what I expected either – I mean it wasn’t –um – seedy or anything – it was – it was wonderful.”

“Yeah,” Jensen sounded distant, sad almost, “it was.”

“Would you – I mean – could we – um – do you…” he trailed off, feeling stupid again, “look at that, even after hot sex I am still a fucking klutz”

“I do have days off,” Jensen was smiling, he could feel it against his neck, “how would you feel about dating an escort?”

“I don’t like the thought of having to share you,” Jared sighed, hoping Jensen wouldn’t be angry.

“I also act as an escort for old ladies and women who want wedding dates. This side of my career I can live without,” Jensen bent over and kissed him, “especially if I have you.” He lay back and pulled Jared with him. Both of them tumbling over in the bed with their laughter close to the surface. “And the thing is is that I was paid very good money for this job and – well – there are so many other things we can do – the Jacuzzi, the rooftop garden, the local bar – you need my input Jared – I feel as if it is my job to teach you.”

“Yeah,” there was warmth spreading from his belly to his heart and he couldn’t stop smiling, “yeah it is.”

“And no thirty year old virgin,” Jensen whispered as he bit Jared’s ear again.

“Not anymore,” Jared yawned and closed his eyes, “not anymore…”


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Fuck that was hot.

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Hells, I can't breath! D: Awesome!

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I never thought I'd saying this, but.....Chad is awesome!!! XD

I luuuuve Bottom!Jared is the hottest thing in the world, and you writing it?? just priceless. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

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Oh, that was so awesome.


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