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I just cannot imagine why people feel the need to hate Jared so much - or - if hate is a strong word for you all then dislike Jared.

The guy seems nice and - whilst no one is perfect and every single one of us has a bad side (even me!) - it appears by getting married and having a baby Jared is now the epitomy of all evil.

I know a lot of people (including me) liked to indulge in a little 'J2' action and fantasy (still do to be honest) but if we are adult and realistic about this fantasy is all it was.

I do attempt to defend (if that is the right word) Jared when I feel people have gone to far but to a lot of these folks he is indefensible. People say go and comment on your own page so here I am - commenting and no doubt people will attack me for it but I really don't care.

There are so many awful things in life but having a baby and donating over $80,000 to charity isn't one of them. Jared is human like the rest of us - but what a human!! Seriously - why people feel the need to attack him because he isn't giving them what THEY want I will never know.

The latest is that Jared and Jensen are no longer friends - what a pile of shit - I am sure they are and I am sure that Jensen would be disgusted at all this hate...

My opinion of course - no need to agree...
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