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Title: 50 Shades of Ackles…
Author: Annie46
Pairing(s)/Character(s): J2
Summary: Jared likes reading about casting on the internet – particularly the favorite for Christian Grey…
Disclaimers: None of these characters are mine, this is not true nor will it ever be. It is fiction and not meant to offend.

“Wow,” Jared bent over his laptop and grinned at the screen, “he does look a lot like you”.

Jensen sighed; he was hot and tired and wanted to get home to shower but Jared seemed to have limitless energy and being a father didn’t appear to have tired him out any.

“The artists drawing looks a bit like me,” Jensen shrugged off Dean’s leather jacket and threw it on the bed, “look we should be getting home…shooting is done for today and tomorrow we have a really early start.”

“Would you consider doing it?” Jared ignored him and twirled around on the computer chair so that he could look at Jensen. He was wearing Sam’s shirt and jeans but his feet were bare.

“You do know what it is about don’t you?” Jensen cursed the flush that crept up onto his cheeks. Danneel was always teasing him about it, always pointing out passages in the book and asking what Jensen might do to make it sexier. He bit his lip as he stared at Jared, embarrassed and feeling stupid about it.

“Of course,” Jared shrugged, “Gen has read all three.”

“Yeah,” Jensen swallowed, “and would you do it?”

“Often wanted to try it,” hazel eyes looked into his own, wicked and sparkling, “a bit of bondage you know,” he grinned, “handcuffs and maybe some spanking – nothing too extreme.”

“Shit,” the thought of Jared in handcuffs did strange things to Jensen’s body. Caused it to tremble a little, cock half-hard in the tight jeans that Dean always wore. He shouldn’t really be feeling like this, not when he was ‘happily’ married, not when he was straight and Jared was straight and a father to boot.

“Yeah,” Jared got up from the computer and sashayed (there was no other word for it) over to him, “do you know something – I have spent hours – yeah – hours on line looking at those photos, reading passages from the book, imagining you doing those things.”

“Danneel and I…um our sex life isn’t exactly…well you know.”

“Not you doing those things to Danneel idiot,” Jared’s teeth were close to his ear, nipping tantalizingly on his lobe, “you doing those things to me.”

“What about Gen?”

“She wouldn’t be there.” Jared sounded frustrated and Jensen could smell his scent, his arousal, over the cologne he wore.

“Jared,” Jensen swallowed hard, “it isn’t right, we shouldn’t even be talking like this.”

Jared cocked his head to one side then and moved back. He reached beneath the bed and pulled out a box.

“You have no idea how long I have been keeping this stuff in my trailer – waiting for the shoe to drop.”

Jensen opened his mouth but no words came out. Jared was beaming like the cat that had gotten some particularly nice cream and his long fingers flicked at the box, opening it with a flourish.

“Fuck…” Jensen couldn’t help but peer inside, heart thundering as he saw what was inside. Handcuffs and some particularly soft looking ankle restraints, a huge bottle of lube, a blindfold, two nipple clamps and a wicked looking cane. Jensen lifted his wavering gaze up to his co-star, his cock was fully hard now and Jensen had no doubt that it was with the programme, “Jared – this is so many kinds of wrong.”

“If it is so wrong then I should be punished,” Jared’s fingers were playing with the buttons on Sam’s shirt slowly undoing them one by one. “You should definitely punish me.”

“Fuck,” Jensen gulped down the lump in his throat and sat on the edge of the bed before his legs went. Jared was smiling at him now and Jensen could only stare, his mouth forming the words before his brain could stop him. “This is wrong – I’m going to tie you down and punish you.”

Jared’s face was red and the flush spread from his neck to his chest. Jensen watched almost hypnotised as Jared slipped out of the shirt and began to work on the baggy jeans that Sam always wore. They weren’t baggy enough to hide Jared’s cock though and Jensen could see, quite clearly, that Jared was definitely proportional. Suddenly Jared was naked and Jensen could not tear his eyes away. He was visibly panting, his cock so hard that he could barely walk across to the bed. Jared’s eyes were on the box and Jensen wondered what he should use, whether he should use everything or if he should just forget this was even happening.

He picked up the handcuffs and moved to the side of the bed fastening the restraints around Jared’s wrists. He tried to stop from staring at the miles and miles of naked flesh, that was on display just for him. Tried to stop staring at the massive cock that was twitching in his direction already leaking and hard, tried to stop over thinking this whole situation, one he never thought he would find himself in, his best friend, his other half so to speak, lying on a bed waiting for Jensen to…

He finished with the handcuffs and then tied Jared’s ankles. By now, Jared was spread eagled on the bed and he looked so delightful that Jensen just wanted to taste him. He bent over and tied the blindfold around Jared’s head, avoiding his hair. Jared was almost moaning with pleasure already and Jensen had an awful feeling that they weren’t going to make it beyond first base.

He picked up the cane and flexed it; Jared must have heard it because he moaned aloud to Jensen.

“Punish me master,” he grunted, “I need you to punish me now.”

Never in a million years did Jensen ever think he would be standing, still clothed, over his naked co-star and hear Jared begging him to punish me now. He certainly never thought he would hear Jared call him master and he wanted to turn and run. Jensen had always believed that he was straight, that Jared was straight, that their marriages were happy ones and that nothing like this would ever happen between them, despite what the fan girls liked to think.

“This is so wrong,” he hissed, suddenly, anger and lust bubbling up inside of him like an unquenchable fire, “so wrong.” He flexed the cane again and brought it down with a thwack onto Jared’s bare thigh. Jared squawked undignified and wriggled a little but his cock just seemed to get larger and he didn’t appear to be in any real discomfort, “it’s wrong Jared,” Jensen repeated and he bought the cane down again, “we shouldn’t be doing this,”

“Impala,” Jared suddenly hissed and Jensen was almost taken aback, the cane raised up once more.


“My safe word master – Impala.”

Jensen wanted to tell Jared that he wasn’t his master, that he didn’t need a safe word, as they weren’t going to be taking this any further. Jared was wriggling again but the look on his face was bliss not fear and Jensen found himself pulling off his own clothes, relieved when his own cock was freed, already leaking and ready, already wanting to be buried deep within Jared’s sinful ass.

He flexed the cane again and bought it down for the third time; Jared groaned and rolled his head despite the fact that his thigh was almost red raw. Jensen felt a stab of sympathy and he fumbled in the box to find something else to ‘play with’.

“You should spank my ass master,” Jared grunted, almost pulling his shoulders from their sockets trying to turn onto his stomach, “you should spank my ass right now.”

“Jesus Jared,” Jensen crawled onto the bed and, gently, rolled Jared over, making sure his wrists and ankles were still in restraints but making certain Jared was comfortable. When he was happy with everything, he got back off the bed and picked up the cane again.

“Punish me for my impure thoughts,” Jared was certainly getting into this, “dominate me, give me what I deserve.”

Jensen bought the cane down on that round and delicious ass repeatedly until Jared was almost biting the pillow. His own cock was so painful that he felt one little touch would send him over the edge. He sat back on the bed and reached in the box for the lube. He bent over Jared and bit him hard on the ear.

“Don’t come until I say,” he ordered.

Jared made a muffled sound that Jensen couldn’t even begin to translate. Jensen coated his fingers with the sticky liquid and began to slowly, carefully, open Jared up.

He wanted to ask if Jared had ever done this before, wanted to ask if – in this – Jared was a virgin but his mind had long switched off and his body was doing the talking now. Jared bucked and clenched around him and Jensen couldn’t stop himself from rubbing Jared’s wounds, feeling the tenderness burn beneath his fingers, the wheals from the cane standing out a stark red on the pale skin of Jared’s perfect ass.

“Oh God,” Jensen murmured as he rubbed Jared both inside and out, “oh God.”

“Do it,” Jared sounded so far gone it was hard to work out what he was saying, “Do it Jensen.”

“Shut up else I’ll have to gag you,” Jensen’s cock spurted and he didn’t want this to be over until he was at least inside Jared.

“Yeah – yeah – we can get a gag next time,” Jared moaned, “We haven’t even used the nipple clamps yet…”

Jensen thrust another finger into Jared just to keep him quiet. He needed to be inside right now and he rose up on his knees, grabbing Jared by the hips and lifting him so that he could thrust inside, his hand reaching around to lock over Jared’s mouth, a desperate attempt to keep him silent.

“Don’t come,” Jensen hissed, digging his fingers in tighter, feeling the heat of Jared’s ass against his belly. Despite Jared’s size, he was limp and compliant, allowing Jensen to lift him higher, virtually tipping him face first onto the bed. His wrists were scraped raw by the handcuffs, his ankles pulled awkwardly by the restraints but it didn’t seem to bother him. He panted into Jensen’s hand, teeth just above the surface, obeying Jensen’s constant instructions not to come.

Finally, Jensen felt his rhythm falter, his strokes become faster, sloppier. His balls drew up and his stomach clenched and his orgasm hit him harder than he had ever thought possible. Beneath him, Jared was shaking and Jensen found enough strength to whisper. “You can come now…” before Jared let out a whine and soaked the bed sheets beneath him, the two of them collapsing with a grunt, neither moving, their breathing the only sound in the room.

Afterwards Jensen undid the restraints and the handcuffs, his heart thumping as he saw the red marks around Jared’s wrists and ankles. He wondered how the hell Jared was going to explain them away, what excuse he was going to use for the welts on his ass, the marks on his thighs.

Jensen cleaned Jared up wordlessly, rubbing a little cream onto his wounds, petting his hair, kissing his forehead. Jared lay quiet, his expression contented, his eyes tightly closed.

“You ok?” Jensen whispered, finally and Jared opened up his eyes and beamed, dimples and all.

“More than ok,” he stretched out his long limbs, “there is so much more I want to try,” he said, “whips, chains, a ball gag and, of course, the nipple clamps.”

“Jared…” Jensen’s mouth was dry; he thought of their wives, their jobs, their images but he had no real words to explain how he was feeling.

“It isn’t just about the sex,” Jared murmured, “You know that don’t you? It isn’t just about the sex.”

Jensen nodded and pressed another tender kiss to Jared’s cheek.

“Yeah,” he replied, eventually, knowing that they were so far from done with all of this, “I know…”

The End
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