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Dear Jared & Jensen

You don't know me. We met once at a convention in Birmingham and I doubt if I was exciting enough to warrent remembering but that doesn't matter because this is really just a big thank you for the last few months.

Last November I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension - a life shortening disease which makes you breathless - it was so bad that I couldn't walk around the park without sitting on every bench, couldn't go to town because the walk from one shopping centre to the other was too much, couldn't play badminton anymore and had to have oxygen at night. I was always cold and my nails and lips were often blue. I kept working and kept doing things because of my family but there was little to enjoy in my life - so really Supernatual was one of my biggest pleasures.

I was told that - if I didn't have a serious operation my life expectancy was three to five years. Me and my husband wept that night and the only thing that stopped me going mad was the Season 6 gag reel! Everytime my blood pressure went up I watched the boys and it went down again. I have always loved Jared and I kept sane by remembering how cool it was to meet him, how nice he was, how he remembered me from one session to the next.

Last month - on the first - I had my operation. I was in critical care for five days and what was in with me? My DVD player and my Supernatural DVD's! Jared and Jensen (Sam & Dean) kept me sane and smiling. When I was back in the ward unable to sleep, my episodes kept me relaxed and kept my mind off what had happened. I have a huge scar from my neck to under my boobs, my breastbone was broken and everything hurt but as soon as my DVD was on I was swept away into another world and I was extremely grateful for those two actors for that.

My family have been wonderful, my husband a veritable saint, looking after me and listening to me moan, I can now walk around the park, go to the shops, see things I haven't seen for years and my life is on the up. I am off work for months and when it is raining and I am bored I go online to read Supernatural stories and gossip, laugh at pictures of Thomas, write fan fiction and just indulge.

I got my Season 7 DVD's today and you can imagine what I did this afternoon!!

So Jared and Jensen - apart from my fantastic family - you two are responsible for my recovery, for keeping me positive and happy, for giving me something other than health and death to think about!

Maybe one day we will meet again and I can thank you in person - but until then - keep doing what you do and don't ever stop. You rock!!

Annie xxx
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