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Title : Trust me
Author: [personal profile] annie46
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Sam/Dean
Rating: NC17
Summary: Written for the samdean_otp ‘Hopes and Resolutions’ comment fic meme. From a prompt by jasmineisland
Prompt was I Want something really feel good to make up for the way S8 broke mid-season. Dean was cruel to Sam using Amelia. He knows it. Now it's Xmas, Sam won't speak to him, and Dean realizes just how much it hurt his little brother/past lover to be 'replaced' by Benny and sending him to see Amelia with Don. He wanted to piss Sam off and get him out of the way. Not completely break his heart. God knows everything/everyone else in Sam's life has broken him, now big brother has jumped to the front of the line.

NYE is here. Dean is determined to 'fix' things between them. He tracks Sam down, and through whatever conversation/fight/etc the author wants, ends up in bed with Sammy doing something that either a. Sam REALLY likes or b. Sam has always wanted to try that Dean hasn't been comfortable with. I'm hoping some bondage, since that is completely built on trust, but I'll go with whatever the author decides.

Hope this floats the right boat!

Disclaimers:I don’t own Sam or Dean – they belong to Kripke/Carver et al and the CW
Warnings Spoilers for 8.09
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