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Title : Trust me
Author: [personal profile] annie46
Pairing(s)/Character(s): Sam/Dean
Rating: NC17
Summary: Written for the samdean_otp ‘Hopes and Resolutions’ comment fic meme. From a prompt by jasmineisland
Prompt was I Want something really feel good to make up for the way S8 broke mid-season. Dean was cruel to Sam using Amelia. He knows it. Now it's Xmas, Sam won't speak to him, and Dean realizes just how much it hurt his little brother/past lover to be 'replaced' by Benny and sending him to see Amelia with Don. He wanted to piss Sam off and get him out of the way. Not completely break his heart. God knows everything/everyone else in Sam's life has broken him, now big brother has jumped to the front of the line.

NYE is here. Dean is determined to 'fix' things between them. He tracks Sam down, and through whatever conversation/fight/etc the author wants, ends up in bed with Sammy doing something that either a. Sam REALLY likes or b. Sam has always wanted to try that Dean hasn't been comfortable with. I'm hoping some bondage, since that is completely built on trust, but I'll go with whatever the author decides.

Hope this floats the right boat!

Disclaimers:I don’t own Sam or Dean – they belong to Kripke/Carver et al and the CW
Warnings Spoilers for 8.09
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Sam/Lisa Braeden John/Ellen Harvelle Sam/Ruby Dean/Alastair Sam/Lenore
John/Jim Murphy Dean/Crack Character Crowley/ Alpha Vampire Dean/Sam Dean/Jo
Sam/Alpha Shapeshifter Brady/Crowley WILD CARD Sam/Bela Talbot Dean/Gordon Walker
Sam/OC John/Mary Dean/Eve Sam/ Crossover Character Crowley/ Dean
Sam/John Gwen Campbell/ Sam Tessa/Dean Sam/Jo Dean/OC

If anyone has any prompts for any of these pairings - would love to hear from you!!
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Dear Jared & Jensen

You don't know me. We met once at a convention in Birmingham and I doubt if I was exciting enough to warrent remembering but that doesn't matter because this is really just a big thank you for the last few months.

Last November I was diagnosed with Pulmonary Hypertension - a life shortening disease which makes you breathless - it was so bad that I couldn't walk around the park without sitting on every bench, couldn't go to town because the walk from one shopping centre to the other was too much, couldn't play badminton anymore and had to have oxygen at night. I was always cold and my nails and lips were often blue. I kept working and kept doing things because of my family but there was little to enjoy in my life - so really Supernatual was one of my biggest pleasures.

I was told that - if I didn't have a serious operation my life expectancy was three to five years. Me and my husband wept that night and the only thing that stopped me going mad was the Season 6 gag reel! Everytime my blood pressure went up I watched the boys and it went down again. I have always loved Jared and I kept sane by remembering how cool it was to meet him, how nice he was, how he remembered me from one session to the next.

Last month - on the first - I had my operation. I was in critical care for five days and what was in with me? My DVD player and my Supernatural DVD's! Jared and Jensen (Sam & Dean) kept me sane and smiling. When I was back in the ward unable to sleep, my episodes kept me relaxed and kept my mind off what had happened. I have a huge scar from my neck to under my boobs, my breastbone was broken and everything hurt but as soon as my DVD was on I was swept away into another world and I was extremely grateful for those two actors for that.

My family have been wonderful, my husband a veritable saint, looking after me and listening to me moan, I can now walk around the park, go to the shops, see things I haven't seen for years and my life is on the up. I am off work for months and when it is raining and I am bored I go online to read Supernatural stories and gossip, laugh at pictures of Thomas, write fan fiction and just indulge.

I got my Season 7 DVD's today and you can imagine what I did this afternoon!!

So Jared and Jensen - apart from my fantastic family - you two are responsible for my recovery, for keeping me positive and happy, for giving me something other than health and death to think about!

Maybe one day we will meet again and I can thank you in person - but until then - keep doing what you do and don't ever stop. You rock!!

Annie xxx
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I am looking for a J2 story that is possibly about a year old. Jared is a really, really nice guy who is training to be a teacher like his mom and works in a coffee shop in his spare time. He is going out with Sandy who wants him to do extreme sexual things and he is too much of a gentleman to do them. On his birthday night he goes out with Chad, Tom and Mark and gets really drunk for the first time. He ends up with Jensen whose lunch he paid for the previous day in the coffee shop. Jensen is a singer but makes money selling himself (Chris is his partner but not gay). Jared gives Jensen a job in the coffee shop to help him out. Turns out Jared's dad was violent to his mom and Jared didn't want to be the same. Jared falls in love (and lust) with Jensen and it is a happy ending!!

Long synopsis here - have searched most relevant tabs but no luck!
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Title: 50 Shades of Ackles…
Author: Annie46
Pairing(s)/Character(s): J2
Summary: Jared likes reading about casting on the internet – particularly the favorite for Christian Grey…
Disclaimers: None of these characters are mine, this is not true nor will it ever be. It is fiction and not meant to offend.

“Wow,” Jared bent over his laptop and grinned at the screen, “he does look a lot like you”.Read more )
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My novel 'A Cynical American's Guide to British Myth' is available to buy at the Kindle Store.

If you like my fan fiction please support this book by giving it a try - Supernatural fans will like it I guarantee as I tend to base my characters on real life people!!

The link is here


Annie xx

p.s. I'm told this link is better!!
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My novel 'A Cynical American's Guide to British Myth' is available to buy at the Kindle Store.

If you like my fan fiction please support this book by giving it a try - Supernatural fans will like it I guarantee as I tend to base my characters on real life people!!

The link is here


Annie xx


May. 1st, 2012 03:45 pm
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If I could write an open letter to Jared right now I'm not sure what I would say.

Goodness knows I loved the man and would never hesitate to defend him from haters and hate that he did little to deserve.

Now though - after the Asylum fiasco - I am unsure what to think only to say that this man has broken me...

I feel incredibly stupid but life has been worse than shite recently. My health has not been the best and I have managed to get over being told I have to have a serious operation or die, get over the fact my daughter's fiance left her without explanation, get over a severe throat infection that prevented me from having treatment in hospital and talk my husband through the disppointment of him not getting a job he wanted. In these past few weeks and months I did all of this without shedding many tears yet on Saturday when I heard Jared wasn't coming (was never coming - depending on what you believe) to Asylum I wept like a fecking baby.

I can't explain why this should affect me so much; I guess because of all the things that have happened it was the LEAST important as far as life's plan is concerned and yet I cannot quite get over it. Maybe it was because it was my last 'hurrah' if you will or maybe because my hubby paid for me to go as a treat and now - because I no longer want to go - he has wasted his money and yet upset for me at the same time.

You may think I am foolish, a mad old woman or just plain daft but there you go - had to say it and get if off my chest.

Ta for listening

Forgive me

Apr. 29th, 2012 10:41 pm
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But I don't think I will be writing anything in the near future.

I am giving fandom a rest for a bit and may or may not return.

There are a few challenges that I have signed up for which I will finish and post because I don't like letting people down.

After that I am taking a back seat and concentrating on my book which I want to get an agent for.

Thanks to everyone for reading!!
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I just cannot imagine why people feel the need to hate Jared so much - or - if hate is a strong word for you all then dislike Jared.

The guy seems nice and - whilst no one is perfect and every single one of us has a bad side (even me!) - it appears by getting married and having a baby Jared is now the epitomy of all evil.

I know a lot of people (including me) liked to indulge in a little 'J2' action and fantasy (still do to be honest) but if we are adult and realistic about this fantasy is all it was.

I do attempt to defend (if that is the right word) Jared when I feel people have gone to far but to a lot of these folks he is indefensible. People say go and comment on your own page so here I am - commenting and no doubt people will attack me for it but I really don't care.

There are so many awful things in life but having a baby and donating over $80,000 to charity isn't one of them. Jared is human like the rest of us - but what a human!! Seriously - why people feel the need to attack him because he isn't giving them what THEY want I will never know.

The latest is that Jared and Jensen are no longer friends - what a pile of shit - I am sure they are and I am sure that Jensen would be disgusted at all this hate...

My opinion of course - no need to agree...

thank you

Mar. 23rd, 2012 12:51 pm
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For anyone who replied to my 'struggling' message last night!

I feel stupid and guilty as I was having log-in problems and only posted that as an experiment - not knowing it would go through...feel so bad - so sorry...


Mar. 23rd, 2012 01:00 am
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I am struggling
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Many congratulations to Jared on the birth of his baby.

So many things have been said about this little boy before he was even born but ignoring the bitching and moaning this is a new life and something to celebrate. This is the most awesome, frightening, joyful, scary, expensive and long lasting thing that you can do and you spend the rest of your life celebrating it (and sometimes wondering why you did it!).

You are always a parent - you never seem to not be!! Even when your kids are (supposedly) independent you are still on the end of a phone. And they only ring you when they want something!!!

I love my three (girls) and they have bought me endless joy, sorrow and frustration.

So - little Padababy - moose - sweetheart welcome to the world and may you and your wonderful daddy have endless pleasures of your own...
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Title: Thirty Year Old Virgin?
Author: [ profile] annie46
Summary: Jared's just out of the closet and still a virgin. To Chad, this is unacceptable so he hires Jensen who is the best there is at what he does to take care of this.

From dephigravity’s post for The bottom! Jared Fanworks Fest! – prompt exactly as the summary!
“You done in the shower yet?” Chad sighed dramatically as he leant against the bathroom door. “Come on princess we have to be there at 8pm.”.Read more )

I'm back!!

Nov. 20th, 2011 12:36 am
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The news wasn't great and the condition I have can be life shortening..however the powers that be have offered me an operation that should cure me! So I guess I'll be going for that...

Until then I am on medication and oxygen and all manner of wonderful things!! So to keep normal I will be letching over Jared and I will continue to write fan fic as long as people continue to read it!!

Supernatural and Jared have and are my lifeline and one of the things that keep me grounded, happy and normal through these testing times!!
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I have to go into hospital in Cambridge (miles from home and internet!) for tests and things so won't be around until next weekend at the earliest!!

Fully intend to update stories when I return!!

Take care

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I explained to St. Peter,
I'd rather stay here,
Outside the Pearly Gate.
I won't be a nuisance,
I won't even bark,
I'll be very patient and wait.
I'll be here chewing on a celestial bone,
No matter how long you may be.
I'd miss you so much, if I went in alone,
it wouldn't be Heaven for me...
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His beloved dog died of cancer and - you can see the icon - it made me cry even though I don't even know the dog.

I am a huge dog person, my dogs are spoiled more than my kids were (Podge - the dog in my icon) is allowed in bed with me and sleeps on my head! In 1999 we took in two rescue dogs (Gizmo and Timmy) and they were lovely and so grateful. We lost both of them to cancer and it hurts really, really bad. I am not comparing the loss of a dog to the loss of a human but it can hurt as much. We tried to give Timmy and Gizmo good lives and - when they had to be put to sleep - we felt that they had at least had a few good years with us.

Jared is also all about dogs (one of the things that makes me love him) and to lose one in this way is awful and he must be so heart-broken right now. I believe in heaven and truely believe all animals end up there (what things are more innocent and deserving) and hope that Harley is enjoying the endless pleasure of limitless squirril chasing and juicy bones (which must be in dog heaven.)

Take care and remember the good times Jared.
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Title: Say a Prayer and Close Your Eyes
Author: [ profile] annie46
Pairing(s)/Character(s):Jared/Jensen – many others
Summary: ER Doctor Jensen Ackles thinks he is having a quiet night – until he meets Jared – a young man who has obviously suffered abuse and pain. Can Jensen help him?
Warnings Descriptions of violence and abuse; minor character death; mentally challenged Jared
Disclaimers:I don’t own Jared or Jensen or anyone else in this story, they own themselves and none of this is true or meant to hurt.

Jensen woke with a start; sunlight was flooding through a gap in his curtains and he winced, rolling over only to find that the space in the bed next to him was empty.Read more )
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